Brushing Success: Asian Paints’ Steady Rise in a Dynamic Market Landscape

Asian Paints, one of India’s leading paint manufacturers, showcased robust results in its Q3 financial report, reflecting a resilient performance in a dynamic market.

Despite facing challenges such as raw material price fluctuations, geopolitical uncertainties, and the impact of elections on consumer spending patterns, the company reported significant achievements across various segments.

Volume Surge and Steady Value Growth

In the Decorative business, Q3 displayed a commendable 12% volume growth and 5.5% value growth. This positive trend has been consistent for the past 14-15 quarters, resulting in strong Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) numbers.

Despite a slightly subdued performance in the nine-month period, with 9% volume growth and 4.6% value growth, the CAGR remained healthy at over 15%.

Industrial Growth and Distribution Expansion

Combining the Industrial and Decorative businesses showed a remarkable overall growth in coatings in India. Industrial sectors, particularly Auto OE and General Industrial businesses, contributed to a 12% growth in volume and a value upsurge from 5.5% to 6.1%.

The addition of 2,000 touchpoints in Q3 expanded the retail footprint to approximately 1.62 lakh retailers nationwide.

Rural Recovery and Diverse Product Performance

Noteworthy was the recovery observed in T3, T4 markets, contributing to a surge in the economy range of products. Surprisingly, luxury products also demonstrated double-digit volume growth.

Despite a slightly slower pace in premium products, the overall product portfolio showcased resilience.

Innovation and Expansion Initiatives

Asian Paints’ commitment to innovation is evident with over 120 patents in the last 6-7 years, contributing to double-digit revenue numbers. The company has invested substantially in brownfield expansions and backward integration initiatives, completing projects in Khandala (Maharashtra) and Kasna (Uttar Pradesh).

The emphasis on mechanized painting services and the ‘Beautiful Homes Painting Service’ across 650 cities has positioned Asian Paints as a global leader in this domain.

Brand Building and Marketing Innovations

Continued focus on reinforcing the brand proposition, “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai,” reflects Asian Paints’ strong connection with consumers.

The company has embraced digital and social marketing, reaching a sizable younger audience. Initiatives like mural creation in 25 cities and innovative campaigns, such as the Diwali face scan technology, highlight the brand’s commitment to engaging consumers in unique ways.

Home Décor Business Expansion

Asian Paints’ foray into the Home Décor business has seen substantial growth, becoming the number one decorative lighting brand and integrated Home Décor player.

With 54 Beautiful Homes stores across the country, the company aims to capture a significant share of the Home Décor market, complementing its coatings business.

Global Business and Industrial Performance

The global business faced challenges in the last two quarters, with a flat growth rate. However, strategic interventions and profitability improvements were notable, especially in the Auto OE and General Industrial segments, showcasing double-digit growth and enhanced PBT margins.

Outlook and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Asian Paints anticipates sustained volume momentum, with potential challenges during the upcoming elections affecting consumer spending temporarily.

The company expects further deflation in raw material prices, contributing to a positive outlook for its Industrial businesses. While uncertainties persist in global markets, efforts are underway to address challenges in specific regions.


Asian Paints’ Q3 performance underscores its ability to navigate challenges, capitalize on innovation, and expand into new business segments.

The company’s strategic initiatives, commitment to quality, and resilience in the face of market dynamics position it as a formidable player in India’s paint and coatings industry.

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