Stock Recommendations (1- Year Access)




Subscribers will get access to a list of stocks with buy/hold/sell recommendations that we believe provide a good opportunity to grow shareholders’ wealth. We have selected these stocks after doing an in-depth fundamental analysis covering financial, business, valuation, management and margin-of-safety analysis.

What a subscriber will get in this service:

  • A list of fundamentally good stocks, which we believe have the potential to build wealth for shareholders. There will be a crisp investment rationale explaining our views about the company backing our recommendation.
  • The stocks will be labelled as:
    • Buy: where we believe that the stock presents a good investment opportunity at the current price.
    • Hold: where we believe that the stock price has risen above comfortable valuation levels; however, the stock does not deserve to be sold.
    • Sell: where it is advised to reduce the exposure from the stock; mostly because we believe that the fundamentals of the company have deteriorated or it may be due to overvaluation.
    • Under Review: at times, a stock may be put under review when a significant event has taken place and we need some time to form our view about the stock.
  • Even though we may mostly communicate with you via monthly emails; however, please note that we will continuously monitor the Recommended Stocks and communicate via email whenever our views about the stocks change whether positively or negatively.
    • Therefore, until there is any change in our views about any stock, the existing views mentioned in the last available update/report stand applicable at current market prices.

What a subscriber will NOT get:

  • Regular quarterly or annual reviews of stocks after results will not be provided. This is because instead of quarterly/annual reviews, we monitor stocks continuously and will update the subscribers whenever our views about the company change. If our views about the company stay the same, then we may not provide any updated review about the company even for many quarters. On the contrary, if our views about the company change, then we will immediately update the subscribers and not wait for the declaration of the quarterly or annual results by the company. The aim is to communicate with subscribers only when there is something necessitating a change in our views and not inundate the subscribers with regular reviews etc.
    • Therefore, until there is any change in our views about any stock, the existing views mentioned in the last available update/report stand applicable at current market prices.
  • Reviews based on every corporate action, event etc. will not be done. Most of the events/corporate actions may not change our views about the companies; therefore, we do not provide any updates/reviews based on very corporate actions/events. However, please rest assured that we continuously monitor the companies and in case there is any significant event/action, then we will provide a review/update.
  • No on-demand/on-request updates on the recommendations would be provided. We would update the recommendations on our own when our views change.
  • One-to-one discussions about the “Recommended Stocks” with subscribers will not be done.
  • Replies to subscribers’ queries about the “Recommended Stocks” will not be provided. If there is any development about the stock where we believe that an update needs to be provided, then we will provide it on our own.
  • Any advice about allocation to the stocks in the list will not be provided. Subscribers need to take this decision on their own.

Instructions to subscribers:

  • It is a subscription service. The access to “Recommended Stocks” will expire after the subscription period is over unless a renewal is done.
  • Please note that once this premium service is availed, then there is no provision of any refund of fee or cancellation of service during the period of subscription.
  • You will need to provide PAN card details for KYC purposes.
  • Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.


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